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              Xinchang Jinma CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

              Address: Zhejiang Xinchang County Feather Lin street Along the road No. 10




              Contact: Mr.Liang


              Bank: ICBC Xinchang County payment

              account number:1211028009201231320

              duty paragraph:330624573970039


              1.This machine tool is applicable to cutting various tubes and bars, especially suitable for mass production in bearing enterprise. This machine tool adopts PLC control, locates and cuts materials by using the most advanced dual-stage servo system, and can cut for multiple times for each feeding, with high precision and efficiency; the machine tool detects each cutting workpiece, makes up for the shortcomings of old machine tool such as inadequate feeding of oil, rust material and compass timber or rebounding after feeding, and puts an end to occurrence of waste products.

              2. This machine tool has functions of tool breaking, alarming for no material, and pause of counting.

              3. This machine tool adopts cross-shaped roller quenching guide rail, with the features of good rigidity, small rolling friction, long life, etc.

              4. It is fed by adopting in dual-stage servo system vertically and horizontally, with the features of fast response and steady feeding,ensure precision to ±0.05mm.


              Automatic cutting machine product parameters
              model 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 160
              Machining diameter φ10-φ160
              Maximum machining length


              Feed rate 0-10cm/s
              Motor power 3KW6G
              Hydraulic system 2-3KG
              Protection function Automatic stop of spindle motor without workpiece
              Working power supply three-phase380V50HZ